Longevity Life Zone

Your All-Inclusive Personal Training


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Improve your body's ability to restore balance.

Our cross-training approach to fitness uses core activation, flexibility, free weights, machines, interval training, and corrective-alignment training and rehabilitation to improve range of motion, posture, and prevent injuries.

Engaging in these training styles addresses the whole body and its ever changing needs and goals, allowing you to work out more to improve performance, flexibility, and achieve maximum benefits in minimum time.

Members are encouraged to make this exercise regimen as much a part of their daily routine.



Your 12 Weeks of Fitness Training Includes:


1. Strength

2 weekly strength training sessions using body weight, free weights and machines. Build muscle while opening up and releasing areas of tightness so you feel stronger and move better using proper alignment.


2. Interval Training        


1 weekly aerobic/anaerobic interval training session. Connect your mind with your body to move farther, faster, stronger, higher...then release. Breathe. Feel alive. This exhilarating class may just have you replacing that morning cup of joe.


3. Mobility & Core

1 mobility and core strengthening session. A series of gentle and non-invasive soft tissue moves for flexibility and strength, creating relief of discomfort, realigning of postural imbalances and overall promotion of wellbeing.


4. Recovery

1 slower-paced endurance session performed at steady, but low intensity rate. Weekly recovery is essential in stimulating the body to reset, recharge and heal. A fullbody response is almost always felt as we open up the body's nerve pathways.

5. 1:1 Personal Training

6 one-on-one personal training sessions with Coach Fredo Lopez or Coach Adrian Hernandez customized to your needs. Whatever your goal, we're dedicated to getting you the results you desire with personalized attention.